Learn Russian | Set your goals for 2020

Beginning a new year is a magical time full of a hopes and plans for the future. It’s a perfect time to set your goals. It’s perfect time to challenge yourself and do something out of your comfort zone.Here are couple of ideas on how you can challenge yourself in coming year.

To wake up early.

Going along with the idea of waking up earlier in the morning, you have to set a bedtime for yourself as well. I always tell myself that I need to start going to bed earlier. But the only time I actually do is when I set a bedtime for myself and commit to it.

To unplug from technology for a day.

It can sound almost scary, cause we are so reliant on technologies nowadays. Everyone has found himself opening the phone only to forget why you picked it up in the first place.

We check our million times a day just out of habit.

We are wasting our time on social media and we’re shutting ourselves off from connections with the real people and real life. So it can be a real challenge to turn off the smartphone and close down the computer and TV for an entire day. Instead, just focus on interacting with people and enjoying activities you don’t normally make time for like reading a book, having a deep conversation, or spending time in nature.

To create a vision board

It can be challenging to actually create a vision for your future. It might be even scary to create a vision for what you want your life to look like. By creating a vision board, you’re constantly reminding yourself of that goal and daring yourself to take action on it. It’s a way of tricking yourself into going after your big goals.

To learn a new language.

By learning a new language you are expanding your horizons in general. Because with new language you explore new culture, new way of thinking. Even better if you love to travel, and can learn the language of some of the places you’re going to be visiting. If you don’t have opportunity to travel at the moment you can use some applications, there are plenty for free. Or you can purchase on-line course. Also you can take private Skype lesson. If you want to challenge yourself in 2020 by learning Russian you can contact me at for Russian lessons via Skype or check my website for some more materials. 

To write in a journal every day

Journal writing can help you to improve mental clarity, the ability to see your live in the big picture, as well as serving as a piece of evidence cataloguing every success you’ve ever had. Journal writing is a useful and flexible tool to help shed light on achieving your goals.

There are so many reasons to set goals for 2020 and to challenge yourself. First of all, you’ll discover that you are capable of things you didn’t think you were. You have so many skills that you could have if you just gave yourself the chance. Things that never would have seemed possible for you could be within your grasp.

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